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We specialise in DevOps Transformation, Digital Strategy, Enabling Continuous Delivery, Cloud Migration, custom application development and IT Services. Providing high quality of infrastructure automation to achieve scalable cloud infrastructure. As everyone know, data and Information are important for your business growth so we help to manage and maintain in a cost-effective manner with use of Microsoft Azure/AWS.
Collaboration at the core is what we believe in, where we always look for existing old ideas to put together and bring it to the life. Bringing the same thoughts from different perspective will bring new values and added with the technology will brighten up those thoughts.

How you would benefit working with us?


Building robust and highly reliable continuous delivery and deployment pipelines. Help in crafting the solutions appropriately to reduce the build time so that Continuous Integration process can be quicker. Work with the team to identify and implement the correct branching strategy. High quality infrastructure automation and deployment pipelines to enable quality code into production environments. Bring the visibility of team performance very much open with various industry standard tools.

Cloud Adoption

Provide the right cloud strategy for the customers and manage the operations for them. If you are just thinking or starting to migrate into Microsoft Azure/AWS, then we are there to help you. Understand and migrate business critical application which can be operated Microsoft Azure. Evaluate and help with the cloud readiness packs to accelerate the migration with confidence. Identify and enable organisations to accelerate the cloud journey by choosing the right approach.


At core, development of products is based on the Agile Methodologies and Continues improvement by harvesting the feedback. Good products are always being based on great user experience, hence we are always on the look out to update and keep in-line with the technologies. We help organisations and teams in building minimum viable product to kick start new ideas and experiment on new technologies.

Cloud Cost Management

Helping customers to build the right cloud and use of appropriate tools. Alongside educate customer in using the cloud infrastructure to avoid any big bills. We tailor make the solutions in monitoring the usage of resources in Microsoft azure. Educate and improve team awareness on using the cloud technologies.


Cloud Migration, Office 365 Migration, Minimum Viable Product, Cloud Support and Cloud Cost Management.

Information Technology is constantly changing, which means your business need to adopt the changes very quickly, so we are there to do the heavy lifting of managing your IT which you concentrate on growing your business. We provide deployment and migration services to help customers build the solution to be on-demand scalable architecture.


Any solution without monitoring is hard to maintain and improve. Proactive monitoring is more important in improving your support process and procedures.

About Manimaran Chandrasekaran

Over 12+ years of experience in crafting strategy for enterprise application delivery and enabling organisations to deliver quality code into their production environments. I'm passionate about enabling continuous delivery in organisations that suffer the pain of midnight deployments and long hours of system downtime.

Enabling digital pipeline includes source control your infrastructure, building and deploying the code using right tools, Configuration Management, continuous testing, monitoring and alerts, at last enabling faster feedback cycle.