(Windows) Microsoft Azure Portal review – New Start Board

Its been a good few months I last wrote a blog post. I have been working on Azure on day job and weekend Job. There are loads to write about it. But one thing I thought would write about it now is new portal for azure which is in preview as I write this blog. You can find it from https://portal.azure.com. Along with this Azure pricing have been drop to match the competitors. No more its called windows azure, its called as Microsoft Azure. 

Lets start to talk about the home page itself, which has got nice tiles views of windows 8 theme showing of service health status , quick start , Resource groups and lot more. 

Now, the good thing is to able to view the billing information right from the home screen which is really handy. Also to view the Burndown information and also view the usage forecast. 

Next things is to have the notifications readily available for you to access which make most of our life easier to action them and review all notifications.

Lets talk bit more about how easy to create the services from the homepage. The Home page is named as StartBoard. In the side bar just click New and within few clicks you will be able to create any type of new services and added to the start board for easy access.

To finish of go and explore https://portal.azure.com and this new shiny preview you will definitely love it. Also, its pretty sleek and bug free. Microsoft have done a great job in pulling this out.

Enjoy exploring new portal. 

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