11 Simple things to consider before Office365 or Exchange online migrations with on-premise Active Directory

11 Simple things to consider before Office365 / Exchange online migrations

  1. Understand how many users have to setup/migrate into exchange online.
  2. Download the DirSync Tool to sync users. (This will required the administrator Privileges)
  3. Sign-up for an Exchange online / office 365 account. (microsoft-exchange-online-email-for-business)
  4. Obtain the DNS information from the hosting provider. (This will help in provided your own domain address in email)
  5. Also, Understand about Properties in the Proxy Address for active directory user to forward email address. 
  6. Consider using the Multi Factor Authentication to boost up the security.
  7. Define and Setup required mailbox rules and policies.
  8. If its a new setup consider using ADFS for user management.
  9. Consider to install Latest Dot Net framework to be installed on the DIRSYNC Server.
  10. Discussed and choose, Exchange ActiveSync and OWA for Devices
  11. Now we are ready with tools and information required for setup a new instance or migration.

Lets discuss in next blog all about actual migration. 

“Upfront Information brings healthy results”

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