What’s New in TeamCity 9.0?

Below is the quick list of features

  1. Ability to have the configuration in the source control for easier maintenance and history tracking of changes to build configurations
  2. Secondly I like the feature to edit the custom charts.
  3. The one wanted feature for me was the ability to publish artefacts with 7zip
  4. Push Parameters to the dependencies
  5. Favourite builds and build time reporting
  6. Meta-Runner have got lot better to easily debug , troubleshoot and fix the problems
  7. Also, good to see Microsoft Azure and VisualstudioOnline Integrations for better work item tracking and issue trackers..
  8. Also, Moving projects between the instance have been made so much better


    Full list of features are available under



    Next Post lets see the quick demo of teamcity 9.0

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