10 minutes with Octopus Deploy 3.0.1 (Server & Tentacle) Install, Configure and Run.

Code written by developers based on the requirements owned product owner from various source fed into the backlog does not have any business value until it’s been deployed into the production environments. So in my world deployment is a fine art which enables to showcase the features in timely fashion. Octopus Deploy team have made brilliant effort to get the 3.0.1 release available to users who are thinking to make their deployments easier/quicker to various environments. There have been massive changes made to the product in comparison to 2.x versions. These changes have given enough confidence in the enterprise space to implement Octopus Deploy. Let’s get the hands dirty and can’t wait to show how easy this tool to get installed, configured and run the application.

In this Blog post I’m quickly going to walk through about the installation of Octopus Deploy 3.0.1 Server and Tentacle

  1. Download Octopus Deploy 3.0.1 (Server and Tentacle ) from http://octopusdeploy.com/downloads
  2. SQL Azure Database (Database server should exist in the microsoft Azure )

Run the installer with version number Octopus.

Accept the agreement terms

Octopus Deploy server install location

Ready to Install Screen

Click the install and waiting for it to finish

Once you click finish you will be able to see the Octopus Deploy manager

Click on Get Started and you will be able to specify the license information

Click Activate and Specify the Home directory in the following screen

Click Next

Fill in the user details and password to proceed further click Next, you will be taken to the database screen

Complete all the details and click next, if database does not exits then it will create one for you and take you to web portal screen

Click Next to specific the authentication

Final screen is to show you the install options

Click Install , will install the Octopus Deploy server instance and show you the below screen

Now, let launch the New Octopus Deploy 3.0.1 , first thing is new revamped UI login screen

Now Let’s Install the Octopus Tentacle by running the installer Octopus.Tentacle.

Clicking Next, Shows the Agreement page

Click Next, shows Octopus Deploy Tentacle Install Location

Ready to Install

Click Install, will continue with the Tentacle installation, shows the below finish dialogue

Clicking Finish will take you to the tentacle Manager

Now, Let’s Get started button will take you to the Tentacle configuration wizard

Click Next, to specify Storage Location and Logs directory as shown below

Click Next, to specify the communication style , in this case is Listening Tentacle

Click Next and specify the port then Octopus Deploy server Certificate thumbprint

Click Next, to Installation Screen

Clicking Install will configure the Octopus Deploy Tentacle and shown you the below information in the tentacle manager

In the Next Blog Post we will talk about the new cool features of Octopus 3.0.1 released versions. I’m quite excited to share with everyone who is ready this blog.

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