Windows Server Core (Hello Container !!)

Windows server 2016 Technical Preview 4 is out and it’s available in the azure to use. Let’s start by creating the virtual machine in the Azure with resource manager model. This is quite simple and self-explanatory from the azure portal. You can get a trail subscription to start using this. ( Provide the basic settings… Read More Windows Server Core (Hello Container !!)

Week 2 – Highlights (User Stories and Sprint Planning)

10 key things in no particular order to consider and ask yourself while sprint planning and writing/estimating your user stories You focus on really important things which means what is the main functionality of a product and to meet the goals of a persona. (minimum viable product) As we always talk about communication and collaboration,… Read More Week 2 – Highlights (User Stories and Sprint Planning)

Week 1 – Highlights (Software Testing)

10 key points everyone in the team need to understand and talk about to enable effective testing lifecycle within the organisations. Understand the different types of testing, Embrace the right testing required to be performed on the application which enables to deliver quality software. Write and Discuss the about defining each type of testing. [For… Read More Week 1 – Highlights (Software Testing)