5 Clicks and under 15 minutes – Octopus Deploy running in Microsoft Azure (CI tools as Code)

Automation of application deployment is highly important aspects when you want to achieve continuous delivery/deployment . At the same time, you need to have to tools supporting continuous deployment to be automated as well. Octopus Deploy have done a great work in getting started through this route.

“Octopus Deploy is a first class citizen in the world of Deployments”

Login to azure portal and search the marketplace for Octopus Deploy and Click Create from below screenshot.

Click 01: Enter the basic Details and where to host the Octopus Server and database along with name of the resource group (This will build an SQL Azure PaaS database). Click OK

Click 02 : Enter all the details about user name, password for VM and database along with the public domain names. (Optional to choose the size of VM) Click OK

Click 03 : Supply the Octopus administrator details and information to obtain the license. Click OK

Click 04 : Review the summary of infrastructure and make sure validation is passed. And even you can download the template

Click 05 : Purchase with all Terms and Condition

All done, soon you can have all the goodness available in octopus deploy. Deployments made easier and robust.

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