Continuous Deployment – How to Configure VSTS Package manager as external feed in Octopus Deploy

Continuous deployment and continuous delivery does not mean you have to use the same vendor tools to achieve best integration workflow. Now, companies and technologies are mature enough to have a very high level of integration with best of breed products. Now, you can see how packages created using the build tools available in VSTS online and how Octopus can be configured to consume to achieve first class deployments.

Login to Marketplace for visual studio and search for Package management then click install (Note: Make sure you choose the project you wanted to install against)

Once Installed under extension you can see as shown below

Now, under build & release menu , you can see the packages

Click on the new feed and create one.

Now, ready to connect the feed

Next step, as part of the build process I have updated few packages as shown below

Now, let consume these packages in octopus for deployment. First thing, we need to configure the External feeds in order for it to work you need to configure the access.

Click on my profile and choose the security menu to create the PAT (Personal Access Token) and make sure you allow only the package management access. As shown in below screen

Once you click create token, you will see the token value which you cannot see again. So store it safe.

Now, lets move on to octopus side to create the external feeds, with all the info available above. The Username can be any and it does not matter.

Also, in the URL you can see it ends with V2 and you can you v3 if you like

NOTE : The password is the PAT (Personal Access Token) created in the above step

Click save and test, below screen you can see all the packages are shown in octopus and its ready to be deployed.

Fun deployments now. Hope this article is useful.

Always feedback is important.

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