70-533 Exam Passed – Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

How I ended up here. Recently I been speaking to many people in the community and few people asked me have you got certified in Azure. I kind of said, certification does not make much difference in how I work or find a job. But then some said it might be easy for people to know that you have validated your skills by doing the exam. Then I thought, it makes sense why not give a try. So, started to spend a week in getting to know more about how the exam structure is put in place. Once I understood that everything was easy because I work with Microsoft azure technologies on daily basis. Based on the exam structure also written few blog post which kind of helped me towards it.

Here are few links to share







To finish, I’m happy to coach anyone who is willing to take the exam. If you need any tips with regards to the exam, please feel free to message me.

Note: If you are new to Microsoft Azure then it might take longer to know all the features.

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