Microsoft Azure Security Center – Be Vigilant and Safe

This Blogpost is about quick overview of security Center in Microsoft Azure. Let’s quickly run through how you can define policies and monitor your cloud infrastructure for security. Moving to Cloud is what everyone talks about at the same time we should always bear in mind about the security is at the top of all agenda. Microsoft have done a real good job in building this into the Azure platform. Note, some of the features may be still in preview so speak to your security expert before using them. It takes about 10 mins to configure and review the basic recommendations.

sniper eye on your resources to keep them safe.

Define and Configure Security Policies

  1. Notifications
  2. Choosing the pricing tier
  3. Security Policy

    Turn on the Data Collection and choose the storage accounts. Then move on to the prevention policy to choose what services needs to be monitored as shown below

    [Note: In this case I’m monitoring all the services]

    Configure the Email notifications as shown below

    Choose the pricing tier, since it’s for demo purpose I’m choosing the standard free trial

    Now that we have configured the data collection we can see the recommendations.

    This will be a good place to start identifying the security gaps and take appropriate actions.

    This is a reactive model of handling the security, in the next blogpost we can see the proactive model of how to build the azure resources in a secure way.

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