Part 2 : Creating azure container registry and uploading a docker image

Goal :

Welcome to Part 2 of this series blog post, In this one we are going to demonstrate how to create an azure container registry and push the docker image to it that we built in Part 1 : Running nodejs app (welcomeapp) on Docker Containers

Assumptions :

  • Familiar with Azure
  • Containers
  • Az Cli

Pre-requisties :

Follow the steps…

Login and select azure subscription

az login

# if you have multiple account use az set account

az account set --subscription <subscriptionid>

Create an azure resource group under with acr will be created

az group create --name welcomeappacr-rg --location westeurope

Create the azure container registry

az acr create --resource-group welcomeappacr-rg --name welcomeappacr --sku Basic

Obtain the azure container registry login name

az acr list --resource-group welcomeappacr-rg --query "[].{acrLoginServer:loginServer}" --output table

Login to the azure container registry

az acr login --name welcomeappacr

Prepare docker image to upload to acr

docker tag mani0070/welcomeapp

Push the docker image to acr

docker push

Verify the uploads

az acr repository list --name welcomeappacr --output table


lets list the tags

az acr repository show-tags --name welcomeappacr --repository welcomeapp --output table


Now we have successfully have the image in the azure container registry.

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